The Elephant Bong was the follow up to the Bunny Bong. It's a bit taller at 10 3/4 inches and is hollowed out in the bottom to create a larger water chamber than what you'd get by simply drilling like in the Bunny Bong. This is a heavy bong and very stable on a table, not likely to get knocked over. This is probably the best smoking bong I've ever made. It's a shame I never finished it. Maybe one day. Once it's finished it won't have that ugly water stain around the carb.

Elephant Bong-left Elephant Bong-right


The woods in this one, from left to right, are birdseye maple, a purpleheart veneer, quilted maple, bubinga, purpleheart, and finally another slab of birdseye maple. A 1/4 inch slab of purpleheart is glued to the bottom and the carburetor has a bubinga plug. The inside is sealed with epoxy.